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New Arrives and back in store



Kids Starter Bow Kits From $79.00

Kids-Teen-Adult Snake Bows ($149.00)

Teen-Adult Right Hand Recurves $249.00

Teen-Adult Left Hand Recurves $249.00



Daisy BB Ammo 350Count and 6000Count (Box6000 $99.00 Box350 $19.00)


410 AMMO

Winchester 410 #4 (Box25 $23.00)

Remington 410 #4 (Box25 $28.95)



CCI Clay Targets (Box150 $33.00)

Winchester 12G Super Target 7.5 1250FPS (25Box $12.50)

Winchester 12G Super Target 7.5 1200FPS (25Box $12.50)

12g 7.5 Ammo Remington (Box250 $125.00 Box25 $14.00)



Winchester 12G Rifled Slug 3" (Box5 $11.00)

Winchester 12G Sabot Slug 3" (Box5 $13.00)

Winchester PDX1 Supreme Elite 12G Slug/3XOO Buck (Box10 $20.0)

Winchester 12G  Buck Shot OOSG 9 Pellet (Box25 $33.00)

Winchester 12G Buck Shot OO Buck 9 Pellet (Box25 $35.00)

Winchester 12G Super Ranger #4 (Box25 $22.00)



Winchester Super X 223 55Gr (Box20 $28.00)

Winchester 270win 150th 150gr (Box20 $30.00)




Daisy Lever Knight Ryder 1998 BB Gun (Custom Knight Ryder Black) $219.00



Winchester Fire pit $199.00


Winchester Coffee Mug $15.00


Winchester German Beer Mug $25.00


Winchester Mirror 900mmX600mm $129.00


Winchester 65L Esky $289.00


NEW Winchester 22LR Super X 36Gr HP IN WOOD Box

one box of 400 rounds $59.00

six boxes of 400 rounds Total of 2400 rounds $295.00




Archery Product

Sr Camo RH Compound Bow $389

SR Black RH/LH Compound Bow $449.00

SR Black RH/LH Compound KIt $649.00

REX Compound KIT Camo $549.00

REX Compound KIT BLK $499

Bear BR 33 Limited Edition $1599.00





Hoyt Archery Product


Hoyt Klash RTH Package $749.00

Shred Green Right Hand

Shred Red Right Hand

Shred Blue Right Hand



Hoyt Power Max RTH Package

Xtra Camo 25.5-30" 65# Right Hand



Firearms In Stock


Paint Ball

Tippman PB Gun



Daisy BB Gun Knight Ryder $219.00




Ruger Blackhawk break action .177  with scope $220.00 

Stoeger .177 break action with big scope $349.00

.177 break action $110.00

Haenel BB 4.4mm Bolt Action $250.00 (will not shoot 4.5bb)



22LR - WMR

22LR Bolt CZ - With Scope $660.00

22LR Bolt Winchester 320 with scope $350.00 (SOLD OUT)

22LR Anschults Bolt Action Single Shot $150.00 (SOLD OUT)

 22LR Henry Lever Silver $799.00 (SOLD OUT)

22WMR Henry Lever Silver $799.00 (SOLD OUT)



6.5x55 Carl Gustaf Bolt $395.00

6.5x55 Carl Gustaf Bolt $395.00

308 LEE Enfield $500.00

6.5x55 Carl Gustaf Bolt $275.00 (SOLD OUT)

223Rem Winchester M70 Bolt $799.00 (SOLD OUT)

222Rem Remington 600 Bolt $850.00 (SOLD OUT)



Aya 12ga side by side 106-A $699.00

Liege 12ga Side by side $400.00.00

Henri Pieper Side by Sid $400.00

Burtrand & Fills Single Shot $150.00