FREE Shipping & returns

Darryl Reeks Archery & Firearms

Shipping is mostly with Australia post any bigger items will go with a Courier.

All Pricing has included shipping "Free Shipping" Australia Wide, We do reserve the right to re-quote on pricing and shipping due to errors in the system but this is very rare and nearly never happens,

Pricing online may not represent pricing in-store due to shipping and charges for online payment processing, We do our best to have the same pricing in-store and online but on some items this is just not possible due to their size and price Eg. an item the sells for $10.00 in-store but cost $8.00 to post will still be available online but will be cheaper in-store, also some items have been packaged in quantity to make it more cost effective to include post Eg. Nocks, Vanes, Targets, Arrows, but will be available as single items in-store    

Returns are Excepted under Australian Consumer laws guidelines.

NOTE: NOT INCLUDED IN FREE SHIPPING Firearm's and Firearm Ammunition