Vib - UltraMax Solid Limb Saver Blue

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The effective Sims Vibration Laboratory UltraMax Solid LimbSaver dampens the vibration and noise of your shot for a better chance at bagging prey. Prepare for greater stealth by keeping this little beauty with you at the target range or in the woods. The convenience of carrying such a small tool makes it easy to remain on your best game. Made with industrial-strength adhesive disks and an easy-to-install design, the Sims Vibration Laboratory LimbSaver quickly becomes an efficient little working accessory. Sims Vibration Laboratory UltraMax Solid LimbSaver:

  • Dampens noise and vibration for a more successful hunt
  • Incorporates industrial-strength adhesive disks
  • UltraMax LimbSaver is formulated and designed to provide a secure and reliable installation
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