TOOL-Outer Limit Serving Jig

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NOTE: This is the serving tool Only you can use this as a normal manual tool,

Or to have it motorized you will need to purchase the following

1- The Outer limit moto server Box,

2- A Drill any normal Drill

The serving tool attaches to the Moto Server Box so you can attach your drill to the box the drill is the motor the box has the shaft gearing  and attachment so you can motorize the serving tool. 


One of the most repetitive jobs in archery is to build a bow string and to serve a string. Have you been frustrated by the time it takes to make a bow string or how tedious it is to spin your string server around a string by hand. Sometimes you look at the finished product and you detect that the serving is inconsistent, uneven, loosened or has spread.


Picture the scene where you are building a string or cable, you are spinning the serving jig over and over again and then a club member comes up to you and asks you to assist them with their archery gear, or the phone rings or a customer walks in and you have to let go of the server.

When you get back to the job, you have to un-serve the job to the point where the serving is tight and start your serving process over again.


Now there is a serving jig that is motorised and makes a perfect serving every time and in a minimum of time and fuss and the result is a professionally finished string or cable. Power through the serving on your bowstrings faster than you thought possible in less than a minute. Contrast that with the time it takes you when you use a serving jig.


All achieved with the Motorised Serving Jig

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