Custom Order - PSE 2021 - 2022 EVO EVL 34 EC Cam RH 80# 26"-31.5" Black (Close Out)

PSE Evo Evl 80LBS

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The EVO EVL is the most stable, dead-in-hand, and tunable hunting bow PSE have ever engineered. Designed with PSE's widest limb stance ever, along with their industry-leading Evolve Cam that features PSE's patent-pending Precision Buss Tuning System, the 2021 EVO EVL can be custom-tuned to unmatched precision. It also delivers an unrivaled shooting experience at up to 345 feet per second. PSE's patented multiple sight locations allow for additional customization, and the new QAD Integrate rest mount, and PSE Quick Disconnect barrel mounts allow for integrated and seamless connection of accessories. 

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