AMMO 7MMRM Browning BXC 155Gr (Box 20)

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Quantity: 2

BXC Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip is designed specifically for use on Big Game like elk, moose, mule deer and bear. The Terminal Tip and bonded bullet design allows for deep penetration through thick, tough hide and bone. The brass tip, heavy bullet weight and boat-tail are integral components to delivering precision accuracy, maximum downrange velocity and long-range, on-target performance.

Calibre 7mmRM
Muzzle Velocity 2950fps
Weight 155gr
Bullet Type Controlled Expansion
Ballistic Co Eff. 0.445
Rounds Per Box 20
Rounds Per Case 200
At Distance 100yds
Velocity 2739fps
Trajectory Short 1.6
Trajectory Long 1.6
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