Pre-Owned Gun 303 Bolt BSAC Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk1* 1902 VIC Rifle

Magazine Lee-Enfield MkI* 1902 Rifle

Magazine Lee-Enfield Mark 1* bolt action rifle. Receiver stamped with a crown over ER BSA&Co 1902 LE I* under the bolt arm. The butt has markings, Also stamped VIC.

History / Summary

The impressed stampings on this rifle indicate that it was issued in Victoria around the turn of the 20th century. After being replaced by the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle, these 'Long Lee-Enfields' were sold out of service put into the civilian market.


This Rifle has NOT been test fired - Rifle in medium condition with some alterations at some point in its life but don't appear to be resonantly done,

Rifling looks to be in good condition, bolt looks to be in good condition, Sight and magazine look to be in working condition.

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